How to beat Riven with Darius Click here for How to beat Darius with Riven
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Darius out-trades Riven but relies heavily on Q for damage. Try to predict it. If he ever wastes it Riven can go in for a trade. Be cautious with this because you can't escape him once you go in, so if he keeps fighting you must as well. Report
Early game a good Riven can beat Darius. However as the game goes on and Darius stacks armor he eventually outscales Riven really hard, so even a Riven who kills Darius 3 times in lane wont be able to 1v1 him by the time he has 2 items. Report
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She is very easy to deal with when you met her. Just build Armor item immediately after you gained 1k gold. Try to avoid 2 v 1 fights in top lane though. 1 v 1 riven with armors are amazingly good. Report


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