How to beat Rengar with Pantheon Click here for How to beat Pantheon with Rengar
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Fairly easy matchup as Pantheon. Get Crystalline Flask and pots at start and then just throw spears like a maniac while you freeze lane. Ward so that enemy jungler doesnt get you and you will have more farm and xp than Rengar and you can zone him out. Report
Drag the minions away from the bushes when they spawn so he cannot hide there and you are able to poke him down mwith q. beware of lvl 3-4 all-in's as he can be alot stronger if he gets 5 ferocity q without your passive blocking it. Report
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just spam Q Report
Use the spears for harass obviously but be wary of mana use. His heal is stronger now than it used to be so an all in approach is better then continued harass. Report


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