How to beat Renekton
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Pay attention to Renekton's fury bar, as he will most likely play aggressive when it turns red. Report
Most Renekton players will try to turn back to you so that he can use his dash twice when being chased. Deny this by stepping a bit back. Report
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Be careful when going in to CS, this will allow him to easily Q for free poke. Try and bait it out so you can CS more easily. Report
If you are really low vs a Renekton and his flash is up, be VERY careful. He can "e" flash for an easy kill. Report
When running away from Renekton, stay away from minions. He can only slice while chasing, and when there are minions around he can Dice too, to catch up with you. Report
Start with Doran's Shield and get early Ninja Tabis so you can get out of range once he dashes to you, making it hard for him to kill you. Report
If renekton uses his E to dash to you then stun/root him before he can stun you.Then step back.He will probally first dash stun you uses his q and dashes back to safe range. Report
Buying tenacity against Renekton is not a bad idea with some tanky champions who can easily stack armor as his main burst combo will disable you with his W after dashing (E) to you through some minions and once the stun is over he'll dash away to safety. Report
Renekton naturally pushes the wave due to having 2 AoE spells, and he needs to AA to build Fury. Tanky, scaling champions who can last hit under tower work well against him - Ryze and Trundle, for example. Report
Renekton is a short trader due to his kit, poke him out of lane if possible! Report


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