How to beat Renekton with Garen Click here for How to beat Garen with Renekton
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If u play garen then wait for him to dash, then use u Q, E and then W to make alot of dmg on him without he can dash second time. Report
As Garen, build an early Chain vest to lower his dmg. Your ultimate counters his, and your early damage is higher than his (Without fury). Use W when he uses his abilities with fury and Q him as much as you can since he is caster-reliant on his abilities. Report
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Most Renekton players will attempt to stun you when you engage. Engage with w and e so that you do damage while you are stunned. After that, silence him with q and end trade. Note: Start with cloth armor and 5 health pots. Max e first, not q. Report
In early game you are can trade more with Garen as you can use your Q to engage and get mobility.Max Q for more trade as the silence don't let him do anything. Report
Try to predict when he is going to use his stun (especially buffed by fury) and block it with W, as it blocks not only his immence damage, but also reduces CCs. Also, to not waste any stun time, use your E, as it's not channeling and can't be interrupte Report


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