How to beat Renekton
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Tough matchup for Mordekaiser. Renekton's damage is just too much, especially when he has 50% or more fury. As Morde, farm as much as you can. Keep farming with abilities in order to always have your shield up (in case Renek decides to engage with E). Report
Your W damage based % Max Health, its good against Renek`s ult. Early game play safe, when renek dash to you press W+Q, and then catch your blow to restore life and W again, if you win the trade and restored life use E to engage him and W again. Report
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Auto attack allot early, untill atleast level 3 if you harass him allot you got a major advantage on him. Deny his farm and poke allot. You can easily get him to half his hp before/at lvl 2 and kill him at lvl 2. Report
Nunu's passive can help alot. Also building him AP bruiser/Tank helps. Nunu's Iceblast can equal trades and slow him. Then you cause blood boil to catch him and zone him out of lane. But remember Nunu is mana dependent. Report
Also take ignite against renekton. You will probably pick up allot of kills and won't find it that necessary to take a teleport. Report
to take less damage. Go for armor and he dont do that much damage Report


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