How to beat Renekton
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FAAAAAARM!!!! Do not trade / fight early on Report
Easy lane, just bait renektons stuns by entering decoy as soon as renekton dashed in. Afterwards you can just go ham. I recommend buying doran's blade if the lane isn't in your favor Report
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Try to predict when he is going to use his stun (especially buffed by fury) and block it with W, as it blocks not only his immence damage, but also reduces CCs. Also, to not waste any stun time, use your E, as it's not channeling and can't be interrupte Report
When running away from Renekton, stay away from minions. He can only slice while chasing, and when there are minions around he can Dice too, to catch up with you. Report
Ask for help from your jungler before you hit level 6 because Renekton can easily out damage you and if you lose your passive you're dead. But if you kill him bofore level 6 you'll be fine later. Report
Turret Farm or Freeze lane on your side. Build Armor. Frozen Heart--> Randuins. and focus on farm. By 20mins you should be able to survive a 1v1. Report
Renekton is tough opponent on top lane, but Olaf is one who is able to defeat him. True damage, good sustain with W, immune to his stun during the ultimate. Probably jungler will be bigger problem for you in matchup. But it not means that u can't kill'e Report
Walk in front of the enemy minions as the first wave reaches your lane to push the minions to your tower. You farm easily under tower and want to survive his early game Report
Start with Doran's Shield and get early Ninja Tabis so you can get out of range once he dashes to you, making it hard for him to kill you. Report
As Olaf build Sunfire/Randuins first item. If Renekton chooses to build Tiamat/Cutlass/Brutaliser first he will automatically lose the lane as your true damage will hurt him far too much. Report


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