How to beat Renekton
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Don't use your E until renekton decides to come at you with his E, try and block as much damage as possible. Report
As Garen, build an early Chain vest to lower his dmg. Your ultimate counters his, and your early damage is higher than his (Without fury). Use W when he uses his abilities with fury and Q him as much as you can since he is caster-reliant on his abilities. Report
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Renekton wants single-dash to you. Try to avoid it , when he dash and stun you snare him (make small gap so your E will work but his AA not!)and throw all u got -> won trade. try to freeze farm just where ur turret cant hit minions. GL Report
Get Flash + Teleport, So you can tp back to lane when poked. Don't trade with him early, untill level 6 you cant fight him. Level E up first to stay safe as you farm. If Renekton builds armor, rush Brutalizer and a Last Whisperer. Report
Most Renekton players will attempt to stun you when you engage. Engage with w and e so that you do damage while you are stunned. After that, silence him with q and end trade. Note: Start with cloth armor and 5 health pots. Max e first, not q. Report
In early game you are can trade more with Garen as you can use your Q to engage and get mobility.Max Q for more trade as the silence don't let him do anything. Report
Rush armor as shen and Renekton will never be able to kill you. Also any time Renekton tries to combo you he pushes lane. Easy farm mode engaged. Report
olaf kills renekton easy after lvl 6 but before lvl 6 look out for gank and when renektons bar is red renekton can kill you Report
Use your Q on him before he stuns pre-6 if you're lower health than him stay back behind your tower and you'll regain all of it after 1-2 waves, post-6 use your ult whenever he uses his and you will always out-trade him. Report
Abuse your harass hability with your AA+AA+Q combo to proc W, if he engages on you, use E to scape. And additionally, you can abuse of your mega form to duel with him. Be sure to rush RK and Black Cleaver to win every trade with him in the game. :-) Report


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