How to beat Renekton
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Pay attention to Renekton's fury bar, as he will most likely play aggressive when it turns red. Report
Most Renekton players will try to turn back to you so that he can use his dash twice when being chased. Deny this by stepping a bit back. Report
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Be careful when going in to CS, this will allow him to easily Q for free poke. Try and bait it out so you can CS more easily. Report
If you are really low vs a Renekton and his flash is up, be VERY careful. He can "e" flash for an easy kill. Report
Save your W for when Renekton tries to dash in on you. Don't walk up to Renekton if he has cooldowns and you don't. Report
Renekton is stronger than you early, but once you get armor and especially once you complete sunfire, this lane starts to get a lot easier. By about levels 7-9 you should be able to start going even and by levels 11-13 you should outscale pretty hard. Report
Vayne is ranged and deals % true damage. Max W and make sure to save tumble for when he tries to dash onto you. If he tries to use his second dash then use your E to condemn him away before or as he stuns you. Report
Keep your distance, farm well, and throw q whenever possible.When he has low health attack Report
If u play garen then wait for him to dash, then use u Q, E and then W to make alot of dmg on him without he can dash second time. Report
Be aware of his build. If he builds Black Cleaver for example be very carefull. Also if he has ignite and you dont (Since you are a good Teammate ;P), be aware that you dont get that much Health from your Ult. Report
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