How to beat Poppy
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Early on use your E to zone him out and just try to out farm him. Possibly even take E and doran's ring first. Report
Poppy's ultimate is very useful to throw enemy junglerer away from weakened Dragon/Baron, but Fizz's E will dodge her ultimate if timed correctly Report
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Play Safe! Stack your Q and avoid getting stunned because then you will be dead in most cases. Ask your jungler for some ganks. Report
A Poppy who tries to outtrade you with E and hits your clone instead is screwed. She's great at peeling you off in teamfights, so try to win early and roam. Report
Keep poking Poppy with your abilities. If she's low in health she won't attack you unless she wants to die. Once you hit lvl 6 you can all in on her easily. Report
Rumble tends to bully hard Poppy in lane, because of his magic DoT damage. As Poppy, try to stay away from Flamespitter and don't stand in The Equalizer. Fight him once you have a Sheen when he's overheating, and build MR. Report
Bully her out of lane. Poppy relies on keeping a good angle for both hits of Q and E, so slide around her as you spin. Report
Rumble players rush magic pen items which makes this lane brutal for Poppy's low base mr. Build a negatron cloak to counter this and attempt to farm. You can fight him if he overheats and especially if he missed both of his E. Report


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