How to beat Poppy
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Try to have your passive block always ready, because poppy will Q First when she engages, and she does a lot of damage. Report
Just don't let her get close to you. Use your E as many times as you can if you think she'll gap close you. Besides that, you win the lane thanks to your range and abilities. Report
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You outsustain her. When Poppy does her Q slam, that's your cue to dash through her and dodge the second hit. Don't try to channel your ult in lane. Report
Stay away from walls, poppy will knock u up agains a wall and kill you if he deas it right. Report
While Poppy can trade with Teemo with the use of her dash and Q, her mana pool will drain laughably fast if she does this. Due to this, Poppy is forced to farm and tank harass from Teemo without retaliating. Report
Poppy can easily shred Sion due to her spammable %HP. Do not go into extended duel and beware of towerdives. Do the E+Q harass in lane but release when she Heroic Charges you for the knockup. Help other lanes with R and fight her only with your jungler. Report
Renekton outclasses Poppy early on, as he is a huge bully while sustaining a lot, allowing him to force Poppy out of lane. As Poppy, be cautious as Renekton is one of the scarce toplaners able to single-handedly dive you. Report
Buy all tear of the goddesses, you will be soaking in the tears of your enemy. Report
Keep track of when her passive's up as she will likely use it to clear a turret. Punish her with EW, ideally before she reaches the dropped buckler. Report
Poppy tries to ult me away but I took the time machine back and it was K! Report


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