How to beat Pantheon with Wukong Click here for How to beat Wukong with Pantheon
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He can restore his passive whenever after he stuns you. Try to tank his damage with much armor items and focus him down after his passive and stun ability has been recently used. Use Q right after you destroy his passive block with an autoattack. Report
His Q (Spear Shot) ability costs a lot of mana. You may be able to engage him when he is very low on mana. This will only happen if he continually pokes you down with it. Build Armor items to negate the damage and not die. Report
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His diving potential is very high past lvl 3. Do not stay about under your tower when your flash is down, he will stun you, block a turret attack and then heartseeker strike. He will nuke you down when you are below 15% health since he gains 100% crit. Report


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