How to beat Ornn
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This is a easy matchup, You dont have to be close to do good dmg. You see where he raises his pillar and stay away from it. Let the ghouls do all the hard work, only focus farm untill lvl 6,then trap him ULTI wait for him to use pillar, fire,then all in Report
Your strategy is to scale into the midgame, since crushing any average Ornn is very difficult during laning phase. As of patch 8.1, I recommend opting for the Inspiration tree (free boots + stopwatch), rush Frost Queen's, and gain a massive gold lead. Report
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If you hear his ult coming try and stun him as the ram gets on screen. He can't recast when he is stunned and it will run by. Report
Take health pots when fighting him or stay passive until he is low on mana. He will run out of mana fast and likely back or run away. Report


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