How to beat Orianna with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Orianna
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Stagger your ultimates in duels, keeping a cool head and specifically using your jumps to dodge her ball and ultimate are what will keep you alive in duels. Report
When you are both full HP, don't get close to Ori as she has a more reliable form of trading than you and her autoattack passive will win her the extended fights. Stick to harassing with max range Q's and going in after you have poke her down enough. Report
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Play the early game very passive, trading with your q. At 6 don't go on her unless you hit a charm, save your ultimate if she tries to escape and to dodge her skillshots. Report
quite simple,use your charm to break orianna's combo,therefore she wont do maximum damage to you and she will be quite vulnerable to your other abilities (example q and w). Report


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