How to beat Olaf
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Both of you are sustain fighters. However, Yorick can poke more effectively than Olaf with W and E. Try to dodge Olaf's Q and poke him hard if he misses his axe. Build more health than armor to lower his true damage. Report
Kite Olaf by using your q and e. When you go into lane try to poke with q and make sure you buy a doran's shield. Report
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Similar to a Fiora lane in the way that most all in's will result in one of you dying. Remember that when going for any trades. Either champ is a snowball-fest once ahead. the difference being hes stronger early your stronger mid/late. Report
Olaf can beat Ahri in lane. I know it seems weird at first but you start flask and have more sustain with your lifesteal. poke her with axe and start merc treads for a GG. Report
A mundo cannot counter olaf, although he can slow him down in lane by harassing him with a lot of cleavers. Report
Unless Olaf gets close to you, there's nothing he can do to harm you. Poke him hard with autos and Q - > W and dodge his Q. If he keeps failing his Q he'll run out of mana quickly and mana is not a problem for you. Report
Take TP+Smite .Buy Ruby Crystal take camp and buy potions Tp top then .After back buy cinderhulk or phage Report
Is easy lane if you know what you are doing just pressure early watch out for lv all ins by olaf if he max E when you get all 3 spells fell free to trade at lv 6 don't stop fight and kill him do your normal combo Report
"this my opinion so watch out"i found this match up pretty easy u need 2 shield hes E and all on beafore lvl 6 Report


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