How to beat Olaf
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He will deal more damage than you at all levels. His ultimate negates the knock-up of your ultimate. He becomes stronger the lower his health is and he will suddenly regain lifesteal with W if engaged on. Do not engage alone, get jungler to help. Report
Jayce can poke Olaf out of lane effectively. Just don't get poked too much by Olaf's Q and try to avoid close range fights if he isn't in low health. Then you'll be fine. Report
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Olaf's ult is useless against Jarvan's ult, poke Olaf with q consistently, then you can all in. Report
Not much of a counter. Olaf can win extended duels against Aatrox. Aatrox's advantage is being manaless, poking without wasting mana and his passive. If your jungler is near, engage with Q and only after the knock-up will Olaf activate his ultimate. Report
Although Olaf gets dangerous at low health, your Q (Spider form) deals more damage the lower health your target is. Report
This is a hard matchup, but the best way to deal with it is to either rush Boots of Swiftness if you can dodge the axes, or Ninja Tabi if you can't. Report
If Olaf has wasted his W and is in low health, that is your best time to engage on him with Q and activate both your W and ultimate. Olaf will be either forced to ult and escape or duel, which he will lose. Report
Your long range is what wins this matchup. Poke Olaf as much as you can. Olaf will eventually run out of mana soon if he continues to farm with his Q and W and so will you. Just poke with autos as much as you can (Human form). Report
If Olaf and you, are the same Jungler Meta. Don't attack/kill him this may cause his Attack Speed and his W to Kill you, and Try to run away from Olaf and avoid his Q to Chase you. Report
Easy. just build tanky gnar, start with dorans blade, then go for dead mans plate. sterak's gage and frozen mallet, the rest u can choose for how the game goes Report


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