How to beat Olaf
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Olaf even is able to defeat Fiora. But just don't get harassed too much with his E, get some lifesteal fast as u can, and u have big chances that u will win after 6 lvl, best during his ultimate - he has lower defence = Blade Waltz will do more damage. Report
Both Garen & Olaf are pretty even Pre-6. Be caution when dueling him once all your spells are on CDR. After 6, you should be able to take advantage. Be aggresive after 6. Sunfire would be a good start since Olaf is a close combat champ. Report
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Olaf has true damage which makes him dangerous, but Pantheon can zone him easily if he avoids long exchanges. Edge goes to Pantheon Report
Trade him at level before 6, always using the shield to cancell his true damange and try to freeze close to your turret, olaf passive gives him more AS when he is low hp, so he wont active W untill he is close to death, ult him then and easy kill Report
Note that due to his Ult being able to remove all CC and incoming CC, he is able to ignore your front line(tanks) and dive onto the back line(Carries) Report
Depends on what his build is and what you build. Your best bet is to counter what he is building. Ex: Defense, don't play aggressive. He builds attack build defense. Always save your E and Q's only if he attacks. Take advantage of minions too. Report
Strafing forces Olaf to throw his axes off-path, making it harder for him to chase you, especially if you have teammates bodyblocking him. Report
Hard but not impossible. Start doran shield + pot or boots + 4 pots (HP as armor wont help or boots to dodge axes) and whenever he tries going onto you, e him to the face give him some aa's and disengage with q to the nearest minion. survive 'till late. Report
Look. The mechanix of Olaf are "Press Q, run to your axe, Q, run to your axe,...". So Volibears counter mechanic to him is " Get his Q in your face, run behind him with YOUR Q, do your combo and eat him" he has no chance to get back his axe. GG EZ Report
He will undoubtedly harass you by throwing his axes, buy boots early to help with the dodging. It doesn't cost too much mana for him to use it. Any armor you build, he will negate with the true damage strike of his E. Report


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