How to beat Nocturne
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His Duskbringer can be seen in the fog of war, so if you think he is doing objectives such as dragon or baron, look for his Duskbringer particle. Report
Nocturne's fear-leash can be broken when it goes out of range, so it's best to save your jump abilities until he uses it. Report
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Try to stay close to each other when Nocturne casts his ultimate, so that you're able to react accordingly. Report
His spell shield only lasts for 1.5 seconds. Save your main damage abilities or crowd control for after it ends. Report
I dont know if this is helpful or not but A banshee's Veil Blocks the ult Vision (Have Fun With No more Peekaboos!) P.S He can still ult u thou Report
Noc cannot fight Olaf post-6. Olaf trades Nocturne's initiation and hard CC for superior burst, Life Steal and dueling potential. Ragnarok keeps Nocturne from disengaging with his fear. Report
Nocturne is highly reliant on autoattacks and has trouble getting away from Counterstrike. Jax can Q or W to break Noc's Shroud early. Report
This is a off meta pick right now, early game he has surprising burst and health, if you confront him during early and mid game make sure to bait his w before going in. Until lvl 11 be aware that you might not have enough damage to straight up nuke him. Report
If Nocturne is smart all he does is shield the Counterstrike Report
Once attached, Karma's root can't be stopped by Shroud. The slow zone and secondary damage from enhanced Q are also unblockable. If Noc ults onto you, it's a good idea to break his shield with Q first before sustaining off his damage with Renewal. Report


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