How to beat Nidalee with Yasuo Click here for How to beat Yasuo with Nidalee
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Use your wall to block her spears. This can be useful in lane and in grouping. The easiest way to land a knock up is to E to nidalee and Q. It can be hard to land a ranged knockup with all of nidalee's mobility. Report
The best time to attack a Nidalee is just after she's coming out of cougar form, as it'll be a few second before she can return to it and pounce away. At close range with no cougar, she should pose no real threat. Report
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If she hits you with her spear, she will probably chase you in cougar form. You can use that as a bait to outplay her. When she jumps on you, dash through her. That way you will dodge her E and have a chance to out-trade her. Report
Stay passive in lane and farm, maybe blocking some speers w/ your wall, then if you got stattiks shiv or if there has been a nice opportunity before, charge q and e on her to safely land the knock up, remember to buy wards, 2 be sure there is no jgl! Report
Nidalee will not stand yasuo. His crit chance is very high and static shyv poke will make her suffer in lane. His flow also counters her burst damage and he can lifesteal his hp back while gaining flow shield again. Report


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