How to beat Nidalee
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Unless you think you can catch a Nidalee with certainty, don't chase a Nidalee. Report
Nidalee's spears do massive damage the further she is. Try your best to avoid it by either dodging or standing behind a creep. Report
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Pay careful attention to where Nidalee might place her traps. Report
Place wards during team fights to keep an eye on where the Javelin Tosses are coming from. Report
Use your wall to block her spears. This can be useful in lane and in grouping. The easiest way to land a knock up is to E to nidalee and Q. It can be hard to land a ranged knockup with all of nidalee's mobility. Report
Fizz's W reduces Nidalee's healing. This makes his trades with nidalee incredibly effective. Report
Try to only walk up to nidalee with your passive up and your W ready. This ensures you can easily get 2-3 passive blocks off in a fight. Your passive also blocks her takedown at level 6. Nidalee is very weak early lane. Kill her or push and roam with ult Report
Nidalee can easily dodge your ult with pounce. You can try to ult after closing the gap with Q/E or right after she pounced when it's still on cooldown. Report
Renekton is much stronger than Nidalee early. The biggest advantage you have pre-6 is waveclear. Shove up the wave to tower and base by level 3-4. You will get an item advantage or force Nidalee to back at an awkward time since she can't waveclear pre6. Report
With the rework, try to avoid being hit by a spear or a trap. Spears still do decent damage but the combo of her w in cougar because of the new passive does a lot of damage. Report
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