How to beat Nasus with Riven Click here for How to beat Riven with Nasus
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when nasus uses his slow, dash awai with you're "e". When he wants to use his "q" on you, dash ON him, and then do you're combo Report
Jump on him at level 1 and q+auto him as much as you can. After that try to last hit and let him push the wave into you. Either he will get antsy and over-commit to a bad trade (or kill), or your jungler can come and gank for you. Report
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LVL 1 do this: look your minions HP and stay near the lowest HP minion and wait when nasus comes to Q that minion then harass he fast with the Q with animation cancel combo then he will be 50% get lvl 2 upgrade W flash>W>AA>ignite>Q>AA bye Report


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