How to beat Nasus with Jax Click here for How to beat Jax with Nasus
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Cleanse and QSS help against Wither. BoRK helps against his ultimate. His attacks in between Q don't hurt too much, so time your dodge. Most of the time, your damage output against him will be from your passives rather than from physical damage. Report
BUILD A LAST WHISPER OR A BLACK CLEAVER. A Nasus knows that most Jaxes today build lots of physical damage(BorK and TriForce procs, anyone?) and will build Frozen Heart AND Randuin's Omen, maybe a Thornmail to deal with that. % ArmorPen/Shred pays off. Report
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DENY NASUS FARM. Like others have said, Jax must build and act aggressively to make sure he wins lane because if Nasus ever gets to his farmed point, Jax is done for. Take Ignite, go 21/9/0, max W(to deal with future armor builds), rush Sheen, whatever. Report
Take long sword and refil pot. Don't let him touch your minions. Start of with E to trade with him. Lvl 3 is when the good trades start, if you see Nasus try and go for a stack, deny him with E+Q+W combo. Try and rush sheen and Thornmail. Good for tradin Report


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