How to beat Nasus
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Nasus is very vulnerable to CC in teamfights, because he has no hard CC or mobility. Report
Just spam your abilities and zone him. You can actually deny him all of his farm because your abilities cost nothing. After you get ult, you can tower dive him and get a kill. Watch out for ganks or try not to push the minion wave. Report
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Nasus suffer's hard with this matchup, He can easy farm the tentacles, But can take hard bully lane from illaoi and forced to stay in tower. Buy Grievous Wounds and Max your E, If he enganges Pull his spirit off and ult, GG. Report
Take long sword and refil pot. Don't let him touch your minions. Start of with E to trade with him. Lvl 3 is when the good trades start, if you see Nasus try and go for a stack, deny him with E+Q+W combo. Try and rush sheen and Thornmail. Good for tradin Report
Poke Nasus as much as possible to prevent him from stacking minion kills. Take advantage of your passive to win exchanges in lane phase. Stay on top of him as much as possible, because if he's fed or makes it to late game, you might as well surrender. Report
He cant hurt you so much thanks to your lifesteal passive. Just keep stacking Report
Two ways to put pressure him. Push hard into turret, but his will leave you open to a gank which is bad cause you dont have an escape or let the minion wave push into youre tower and deny him cs and set up easy ganks on him. Report
Easy Lane, Just harrass with e every time hes about to q for minion and throw out full combo. Be Aggressive. And ward, since youll be pushed up, so beware of enemy jungler Report
Forcing him into team fights will make it harder to stack his Q, but be mindful of his ult AoE and Spirit Fire Report
Wait for him to burn his ultimate and his Spirit Fire before engaging with your ult. This will make it easier for you and prevent him from attacking your shredded armor Report
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