How to beat Nasus
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Don't let him free farm, his Q will get stronger in late game. Report
Avoid standing in his Spirit fire as it will shred your armor. Report
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Try to avoid fighting him while his ultimate is active, unless you have the clear advantage. Report
It's helpful to take cleanse or buy a Quicksilver Sash to get rid of his Wither as an AD Carry. Report
As a teemo your objective is to deny farm, if hes gonna q a minion blind him before he does, this is really effective if its a cannon minion, also keep the harass on him giving him a hard time in lane, Report
keep him on the edge of your spin radius and smack him with it every chance you get. get between him and creeps and do it. nasus is all about that farm Report
Nasus struggles against Pantheon's high early game damage. You want to q and e him when he tries to farm and freeze lane as much as possible to zone him off farm. Assuming Nasus buys armour, rush brutaliser into last whisper to keep your damage relevant. Report
when nasus uses his slow, dash awai with you're "e". When he wants to use his "q" on you, dash ON him, and then do you're combo Report
Try to avoid pushing your lane against Nasus, as he can free farm under his tower. Use all your skills on Nasus and play aggresively, making him lose HP. Stay close to your own minions with low health, to make Nasus think twice before using Q on them. Report
Fear the Cane Report
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