How to beat Mordekaiser
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A Quicksilver Sash will get rid of Mordekaiser's ultimate debuff. Report
Don't stand near creeps when he is about to use his Siphon of Destruction - as he will be able to push the wave and deal damage against you. Report
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Mordekaiser becomes harder to kill with his metal shield charged up. Try to kill him before he is able to regain his shield. Report
Try your best not to die when you're ulted by Mordekaiser, as you will turn into a ghost and attack your own team! Report
Best counter to Mordekaiser is silence. When he is silenced he can't damage you and he can't load his shield. Therefore champions with silence are extremely useful. Report
Gank him early. Morde have no escape and is VERY squishy early game. Use this time to snowball your allies. But if Morde start to get a fair advantage, be VERY careful ganking Morde, as he can easily 1v2 you if you are not carefull Report
The best way to counter to Mordekaiser is to lead him to isolation, fight him only when you don't have minions nearby, so his shield doesn't charge up properly, ignite him when you all in him so he doesn't heal from his ultimate. Report
Mordekaiser's range is very limited, the best he can do to fight at range is casting creeping death on a minion and hoping it get's close to you, try to pick ranged champions against him, he has no dashes and is easily kited Report


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