How to beat Master Yi
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Nocturne will win vs. Master Yi in an Auto-attack skirmish as Nocturne has two steroids from his Duskbringer and Shroud of Darkness. Therefore, spell-shield Master Yi's Alpha Strike and interrupt his Meditate with your Fear to cut down his damage. Report
If yi plays jungle. you have to counterjungle him or he will become a lategame monster Report
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Easy counter.When master yi dashes to you just E on him W+ Q,when he attacks you with Q just do R + E combo and contirune with W +Q.Very easy kill early and late game.If master yi feed rush zhonya Report
0 Even if Master Yi uses Highlander your E still slows him. Use that as an advantage if you hit it and use W - Q after and R after he used Alpha Strike to gain distance Report
Try save your second Q during trades to specifically interrupt Yi's meditate. Report
Since Master Yi has to farm a lot to get his Sated Devourers Try and counter jungle him and get the scuttle crabs. You will make it hard for him to get sated. Report
Until 6 lvl Fiora is faster, can do more damage than him. Good if u have some lifesteal, force him to use Meditate as it will go for very long cooldown - over 30 seconds. Burst of Speed have only 15 seconds. Report
if he use Q on u, Dash(e) (Slice or Dice) to ur tower he will pop up to ur tower, and stun him with ur w he might take a lot of damage from ur tower (ur w stops his meditate) Report


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