How to beat Master Yi
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As Vi you have so much heavy CC that Yi wont escape you even if he ult's. Try to counter jungle early since before he gets any items he deals close to nothing and by doing so you will also deny him the Feral flare for a bit. Report
In Jungle you can counter him rlly hard because you can permanentli stun him and if you build tanky udyr you have too win this rlly nice ;) Report
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Watch his Cooldowns and if he gets resets, he can dodge your Ult and Stun with Alpha, so if he used alpha don't fear to use your Ult Active or Stun. (Also keep stun or Knockup for his meditate) Report
silences and Ults from Malzahar, Lissandra or similar are extremely effective against yi (don't let Yi dodge them with Q though) Report
Master Yi cant be slowed when he use his ulti,but you can still put (Q)Rupture on him knocking him into air.You can also use your(w)to silenc him and prevent to use abilties which give advantage your team in teamfights. Report
Master Yi has no crowd control whatsoever, so after he uses his Q and Ultimate, use hard CC (such as a Morgana Snare) to completely block him out. Report
If you are running away from Yi and you want to knock him up with Q and he hasn't used Q yet use W first so he can't Alpha-Dodge your Q (Rupture) Report
Items like Randuins Omen and Frozen Heart are extra efficient agasinst Master Yi since it also reduces the rate at which he can proc his passive. Report
Technically speaking, you can kill Yi by baiting his Meditate, and Highlander and go full force with Lunge, Burst of Speed and Blade Waltz but be sure that you have Ghostblade's MS & Mobi Boots when chasing him while Highlander is active. Report
Counterjungle him. Focus on blue and Krugs because he relies on them to clear without losing all his HP. If you don't have a huge lead, do not fight him during Highlander. Report


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