How to beat Master Yi
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When Mr Yi ults and goes in on you just use Q on him and watch as he runs back to his fountain. Report
If possible, save your escape until after Master Yi has used his Alpha Strike(Q) since he will just use it to catch back up to you otherwise. (or follow you with it) Report
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If he is not fed, you damage is just higher. Wait for him to use Alpha Strike then burst him down. Report
A crafty player may want to keep in mind that forced action type abilities such as fiddle fear, will have the slow part ignored, but not the forced action itself. Fear him out of a fight or taunt/charm him into a bad spot, his ult may benifet you Report
Master Yi can still be disabled during his ultimate. CC him and then focus him, he will most likely die before even being able to do anything. Report
Cancel the horror that is full build Yi by making him miss all his autos (Remember to blind after his Q) Report
When Yi throws his Q to you, use dark flight towards your base or one of your towers and he will appear there. Then use E to slow him and hit him with W. Report
Yi deals complete physical damage, however his E grants him bonus true damage that shreds through health. Building armor and health items like Randuin's and Thornmail will significantly reduce his damage. Report
When is Q Channel is just about to finish. You use your W to lock the damage. Just run off distance. Report
If Master Yi engages use your W to reduce his attack speed, then continue applying stacks of your passive with Q and basic attacks. If he tries to run or heal, pull him with E and ult. Report


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