How to beat Maokai
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Maokai is a moving tree. Use lumberjack Sion for extra ad when killing maokai. Bring ignite, because trees burn easily, and because it can nullify maokai's passive. Report
In lane, poke Maokai down with Vorpal Spikes. In teamfights, Cho's true-damage ultimate pierces Maelstrom, dealing full damage. Report
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Buy Spirit Visage first, start with Spectre's Cowl if you are having trouble in lane, if not just start with Kindlegem so you can stack more Q's Report
Maokai has a good kit to play def. and agressive against Riven but mainly defensive, so is good for Riven to keep the waves flow middle-defensive, this is important too for prevent an enemy gank and give opportunities for the ally jungler gank your lane. Report
This match up is pretty hard to win, but try to focus on play on his mistakes. Always try to dodge or outplay his Q or his E before attempting a trade. Report
Kite him so he cant use his Ultimate to stop your Damage! Report
As a former MaoKai player you can use his Twisted advance as an advantage, for example when he uses it, you can use a dash or flash to go to turret early game for extra damage. Report
Abuse Maokai's low range to harass him whenever he gets in range to farm with autoattacks. Mao is great at setting up ganks so don't try to poke him if he's under tower. Report
Mao's effective range is low and he doesn't hit hard enough to overwhelm your healing, nor does his lockdown stop most of your damage. Report
Maokai can't duel Teemo, and Teemo's kit will not stack Sap Magic fast enough to keep up with autoattack harass. Blind blocks Maokai's heal. Note that Sap Magic can detect mushrooms placed outside of vision. Report


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