How to beat Maokai
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Saplings can be outrun if you're fast enough. Report
Maokai's Twisted Advance will follow you even if you Flash. This can be used to bait him into the middle of your team. Report
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Try to stay outside of hit ultimate, as his teammates will take less damage, and his ultimate will deal increased damage when it ends. Report
Shyvana clears a lot faster than maokai and beats him in 1v1's and 2v2's. Try to invade his jungle when your lanes aren't at a huge disadvantage. Ward it to give your team vision and duel him at pretty much all stages of the game. Report
When going again top lane Maokai, bring an ignite if you're an all in champion, and use it immediatly to nullify his passive. This will make it a lot easier to burst him down, especially in early levels, where he typically is squishy without rod of ages. Report
Trees have a weakness against axes, use lumberjack sion skin to have more damage Report
Two of his abilities push the wave and he goes oom fast. Sheen + 200 stacks and you can shred him. Just don't chase under tower or you'll get rooted and knocked into it. Report
Spam Q ffs you're pantheon. Report
Buy Spirit Visage first, start with Spectre's Cowl if you are having trouble in lane, if not just start with Kindlegem so you can stack more Q's Report
As a former MaoKai player you can use his Twisted advance as an advantage, for example when he uses it, you can use a dash or flash to go to turret early game for extra damage. Report


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