How to beat Malphite
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If you're an AD champion, avoid getting hit by his Ground Slam, as it will significantly lower your attack speed. Report
Although you need good reaction time, it is very possible to Flash away from Malphite's ultimate. Report
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Try and spread out in team fights so Malphite can't hit multiple targets with his ultimate. Report
Pick something ranged so you have a lot of space to play with, you will mostlikely dominate him with ranged abilities. Report
Try picking a champion that deals magic damage. Malphite generally wants to build armor to synergize with his abilities. Report
Whenever laning against a Malphite, keep in mind his high mana-costs to outsustain him, as Malphite is one of the least mana-efficient champions in the game. Report
Try to harass him, so that his shield is staying down, because if it's up he'll win mostly every trade Report
Never underestimate Malphites burst! Most Malphites will use unstoppable force as soon as they reach lvl 6. Malphite is quite mana hungry and will max E first it won't do much damage in the first two ranks so try and waste his mana. Report
Malphite can be an occasional support. If you think he'll be played as a support, try picking a ranged (like Thresh) support champion to continuously poke him and prevent him from regenerating his shield. Report
If you are going to fight him, it's a good idea to full out engage. His shield makes him hard to harass, and he can easily counter-poke you if you try to do that. Report


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