How to beat Lux with Ahri Click here for How to beat Ahri with Lux
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If Lux ever uses her binding for whatever reason, you have a ~10 second window to engage on her if you have your ultimate up since all her damage is reliant on that binding connecting with a target. Report
During extended duels, as in if you don't instaburst Lux. It can be a good idea to keep your distance when she shields herself until it runs out before jumping back in as Lux's shield is ideal for reducing the sustained damage part of Ahri's dueling. Report
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Zhonya's Hourglass is a must have item against Lux. Ahri has a tendency of getting right into the action, this close range makes it easier for Lux to land a binding and if she lands one, without Hourglass Ahri is almost certain to die during teamfights. Report
Save your spirit rush for avoiding her Q- Lux is useless without her bind. Use the remaining two charges to get close and burst her down! Report


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