How to beat Lulu
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Lulu does not have any health sustaining abilities, so try to poke her down in lane. Report
The damage from Pix can be avoided by standing amongst creeps to intercept the damage. Report
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The only realistic window lulu has to win this lane is at the early levels of the lane—about levels 2-5ish with an all-in with ignite. Be careful about that and you start beating Lulu pretty hard. Sustain > poke over time. Report
She has a very low base mana pool and MP5, so Lulu can often run into mana troubles early on if shes spamming abilities to often. If she is OOM early in the lane, abuse her before her high mana-per-level kicks in. Report
Try not to get baited by her ultimate. Watch for level 6. Report
Press E to ruin her day. Report
Try to watch out for the Polymorph. Engage fights when ever she uses it so it is on cooldown and cannot lock down your adc Report
Playing against Lulu is annoying but not hard. Make sure to grab a Doran Shield to deal with the AA harass. If she uses spells to harass you early, it will drain her mana too quickly. You have better sustain then her so abuse that. Keep track of her CD. Report
Flashing away from her Q in the direction you are already running at low HP will not save you if you are debuffed by her E. Report
Outsustain her poke. A good example would be having a Soraka support, with a silence in her kit as well. Lulu is very reliant on her spells. Report


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