How to beat Lissandra
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Try not to stay behind minions to avoid taking splash damage from her Ice Shard harassments. Report
Try to disable (silence/stun/snare/knock-up/displacement) her when she casts Glacial Path so that she won't be able to jump to another location. Report
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Her Ring of Frost cooldown is fairly long, so try to play aggressive when you know it is on cooldown. Report
Don't be afraid to all in her at 100% post-6, Lissandra's damage is lower than average and your durability is above it. Getting double dorans+negatron cloak will make you pretty much invincible to her. Report
When Lissandra randomly fires her claw at you in lane, move the same direction the claw is moving and fire your Q at the end point of it in preparation of her teleporting in. Report
A good Lissandra will try to q you whenever you go in to last hit in lane. Be aware of this because some times you can use this to your advantage to poke her. Report
Post-6 be extremely careful of jumping on to Lissandra, no matter the situation Lissandra now has an instant and targeted stun, this can make you an easy kill especially if she has back up with her. Report
Lissandra can be very difficult to play against as Katarina. This is due to the fact that she can ulti you whenever she wants and it crushes you as a reset champ. Try to roam when you play vs a Lissandra. You can still impact the game outside of lane. Report
Lissandra is extremely soft and short range with low damage in the early lane. You should abuse this by trying to kill her at level 2, 3, 4 and onwards. It is pretty much impossible for you to lose a trade against her. Report
Try to avoid having your own minions between the 2 of you as Liss can use them to extend the range of her harass to hit you. Report
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