How to beat LeBlanc with Yasuo Click here for How to beat Yasuo with LeBlanc
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Do what you can to avoid Distortion using your dashes with E. In the event that she attempts to all in you starting with a Q R combo, immediately Wind Wall to negate a huge amount of damage, from there Q and auto to trade back. Report
Try to use your E on LeBlanc, so when she creates mirror images, your E's marker will be still on her and you will be able to use her decoys as gap closers and identify the real LeBlanc easily :) Report
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Early game, if she attempts to do the Q W combo on you, you need to have good reflexes. Use your W to block her Q and dash on her or on a nearby minion so that you evade her W. After that punish with Q and some autoattacks. Report
You have to Q a lot to have tornado a lot. Try blocking her Qs with ur W and dodging her Ws with Es. When she uses W, try to reach her and throw your tornado on her return of W to ult her, but u have to practice for this to make her return to the mark. Report


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