How to beat LeBlanc with Syndra Click here for How to beat Syndra with LeBlanc
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If Leblanc is aggressive, then it's a win for you. How? Once she tries to jump and do her combo you could stop her with your combo and you will have won the trade easily. (Maybe killing her also If you are lvl6+) Report
Ult Leblanc before her passive activates. It should cause it to activate. Immediately use q and then w/e and you should kill her while shes invisible. This takes some getting use to, but is easy enough to do once you get the hang of it. Report
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Its a Burst matchup after lvl 6. With Syndra, hit a Q+E combo, DFG and ulti to instakill LeBlanc. Early game, LeBlanc will have the advantage. Play safe, if she uses W aggro, use it to your advantage. Dont fight under her turret. Care not to ulti her copy Report
Remember that if timed correctly, your Scatter The Weak(E) can stop LeBlanc in the middle of her Distortion(W) Report


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