How to beat LeBlanc with Lulu Click here for How to beat Lulu with LeBlanc
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If you are having trouble in lane, a little MR goes a long way against Leblanc. Grab a Negatron and build it into a Banshees later. This will prevent her from one shotting you in addition to making you much tankyer later if you're running 21/9/0. Report
Should Leblanc cast her W within range of you, she leaves herself vulnerable to your Whimsy. If you cast W on her, she cannot return to where she cast from and you can get a few free autos in. Report
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Leblanc relies heavily on comboing her spells. If she moves in to cast her Q, she will likely throw something else in to increase the damage to you. In this case it's best to cast Help Pix! on yourself to mitigate any damage that comes in. Report
ult when she W's on you Report


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