How to beat LeBlanc
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Buying a Banshee's Veil will significantly cut her damage down! Report
disabling(silence/stun/snare/knock-up) Leblanc after she uses her Distortion will stop her from casting it again. Report
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Find out which spell she upgrade as first, Q or W. When she max. Q - push lane hard, she has no waveclear. When she max. W - stay away from range of her W all the time, try to make her Distoriton useless. Report
Try to stay behind minions so that her chain won't be able to hit you. Report
After her passive pops, clicking on one of the clones will tell you which one is real. The real one has items and the clone does not. Report
Keeping track of LeBlanc's cooldowns will help you decide when to engage and when to back off. She is heavily reliant on burst, so if she uses her spells to farm or dodge your spells she can't use them in her combo Report
CC her as much as possible when she uses her W, her leap to farm minions. A snare, stun, or root would be better since it prevents her from moving or teleporting back. This is perfect to set up ganks for your jungler. Report
be out of her range if she cast her q on because she will likely try to w on you to deal the extra dmg of her q. Report
Just before she gets below 40% hp, be sure to place a spell such as ignite on her; therefore you won't get confused between her and her clone. Buying Morellonomicon for that is useless since it applies Grevious Wound only on targets below 40%hp. Report
Remember that LeBlanc can use her Distortion twice, moving back to her previous location. If she disappears from your line of sight, she most likely went back to where she used her Distortion. Report


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