How to beat LeBlanc with Fizz Click here for How to beat Fizz with LeBlanc
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Don't open with your shark, she will likely dodge it quite easily. Instead save it for the latter parts of dueling since it will stick on her even during her passive, and due to its high damage it might even kill her. Report
LeBlanc's love to QW(orb and dash causing a silence) harass people especially melees, you should react to this by quickly E'ing to dodge the damage of it, and aim towards her initial dash point so that you can start stabbing her the moment she ports bac Report
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Fizz's E is practically a wonder ability that allows you to dodge Leblanc's entire burst, or a large portion of it. She won't be able to mark you with Q to chunk a large portion of health. Try to bait out LeBlanc's combo, then E into her to engage. Report
as a fizz main leblanc can be a little annoying during early laning phase, because she is so squishy by level 6 once you get chum the waters make sure you land that ultimate after that full on engage her. remember do not trade with her until your lvl 6 Report


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