How to beat LeBlanc with Anivia Click here for How to beat Anivia with LeBlanc
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Post-6 deny her the ability to make plays against you by simply ulting the wave and keeping your distance, she won't have an answer for your unrelentless pushing. Report
Autoattack her constantly at level 1, you have 75 more range on your autoattack on her and your Q is a stonger level 1 ability than anything she has to offer. This can set up an easy level 2 kill with a good QE combo as LeBlanc is as soft as any squishy. Report
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Although the matchup seems unlikely, a well played Anivia can easily counter the dreaded LB. Don't bother trying to land your q when her dash is up. wait until it's down, then go in for either an ult+e, or q+e combo, or both, depending on the situation. Report
LeBlanc has allot of single target burst but this leaves her vunerable with long cooldowns and her burst is usually never enough to finish you and your eggform off. Try to coordinate with your jungler and bait Leblanc. Report


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