How to beat LeBlanc
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Buying a Banshee's Veil will significantly cut her damage down! Report
disabling(silence/stun/snare/knock-up) Leblanc after she uses her Distortion will stop her from casting it again. Report
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Find out which spell she upgrade as first, Q or W. When she max. Q - push lane hard, she has no waveclear. When she max. W - stay away from range of her W all the time, try to make her Distoriton useless. Report
Try to stay behind minions so that her chain won't be able to hit you. Report
Don't open with your shark, she will likely dodge it quite easily. Instead save it for the latter parts of dueling since it will stick on her even during her passive, and due to its high damage it might even kill her. Report
LeBlanc's love to QW(orb and dash causing a silence) harass people especially melees, you should react to this by quickly E'ing to dodge the damage of it, and aim towards her initial dash point so that you can start stabbing her the moment she ports bac Report
When LeBlanc initiate a combo against you (most of the time starting with Q), be sure to use W to absorb some of the damage. If she then uses W, use E to stay close to her, and deal some damage. Report
Stay amoung your minions to make it difficult for her to land her Chain on you. Report
Build lots of MR and push the lane, LeBlanc will struggle to do anything to you since she lacks wave clear and prefers soft targets. Report
Just push hard and force her to struggle to farm under tower. She lacks a reliable wave clear and you are the god of it. Report
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