How to beat Kog'Maw
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If Draven is paired with an aggressive support, Kog will not make it out of the laning phase. Draven's damage is extremely high early on and Kog's rev-up time is long. Report
This is similar to the Kayle matchup except Kog doesn't have the hand of God to keep LeBlanc from popping him like a balloon. Report
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Lategame, Kog can't kite during his W. You have this chance to ult him out of the fight. If it's a protect-the-Kog comp, you should trounce the remaining enemies. Report
Remember to throw a Q at him whenever he tries to trade pre-6. Post 6 do your best to dodge his ults. You outdamage him, especially if you grab an Abyssal at some point. Report
Poke him down with Mystic Shots. Don't let him get close during his W. Kog isn't fast enough to close the distance. Avoid duels after Level 6. Report
Kog's range does not matter if he can't auto the ADC, and he lacks the mobility to evade Braum. Nonetheless Kog will eventually melt Braum if he doesn't force a 2v2 fight. Report
AP Kog and Akali actually deal about the same damage but Akali's mobility makes it hard to land his combo correctly. ADC Kog just melts. Report
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