How to beat Kha'Zix with Rengar Click here for How to beat Rengar with Kha'Zix
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Overall, you have better stats than Kha'Zix. Kha'Zix is a high-damage deal while you're a all-around damage dealer and tank. Look to start fights with five ferocity stacks and DO NOT get isolated. Only when you're isolated does Kha'Zix truly dominate Report
Try to invest in true sight if possible as post level-6 who can see who can be very important. While you want to use your passive, try to avoid actually trading in bushes and always jump to the creep wave to avoid being isolated. Report
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Technically, Rengar can counter Kha'Zix with Battle Roar, Thrill of the Hunt & Empowered Bola Strike by baiting K6's Leap & Void Assault to initiate a gank & this is the right moment to counter his ganks by the element of a surprise attack o Report


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