How to beat Kha'Zix
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Try not to get yourself isolated, as he deals increased damage to isolated targets. Report
Kha'Zix's jump ability has a long cooldown, so if he wastes it then punish him hard for it. Report
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Kha'Zix's Leap is a strong gap closer, especially when evolved. Try to pick champions that can CC him (e.g. Kennen, Fiddlesticks, Renekton) or disengage from him (e.g. Ezreal, Vladimir, LeBlanc) when Kha'Zix uses his Leap. Report
Kha'Zix is an epitomal assassin; near-instantaneous kills on isolated targets but dependant on surprise attacks. Build defensively and scry the entire map with wards and trinkets. Report
Just get Raid, he's a bug Report
Kha'Zix suffers from kiting from ranged champions when his jump is on cooldown, always beware when your most important skills are on cooldown because he can use this time to jump on you for the kill. Report
when fighting a top lane kha'zix remember that he will try to abuse the bush to activate unseen threath, if he is ahead ward the bush closest to your tower since he'll likely push you, if you're ahead ward the bush closest to his turret Report
Champions with high sustain and poke can easily force Kha'Zix out of lane, if Kha'Zix has no life steal items , potions or even enough mana to heal with his W (Void Spike), It may be the optimal time to harrass. Report
TOP ONLY! ~ The easiest first blood for Kha'Zix is when you back up to recall for the first time. He can easily use the gap between your minions and the tower to chase you down after lvl 3. Do not push your minions past the river before your first back! Report


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