How to beat Kennen
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Just pick a Ground Pokémon. Everyone knows that Ground Pokémons counter Electric Pokémon! Report
Kennen has a hard time against champions with Knock-back (e.g. Tristana Buster Shot) which prevents him from entering a fight with his Maelstrom. Report
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Step away from him when he has his Electrical Surge proc up, otherwise you'll take additional damage as well as get marked. Report
Most Kennens build a bit of AD early into AP mid-game, so don't be fooled and build MR against him. Report
In teamfights, Janna does very well against Kennen. As soon as he ults and tries to enter a teamfight just hit R immediately to push him out of the fight. If he tries to flash back in quickly you can also follow up with a Q. Report
He will struggle to complete his stun as Ryze can root him when he tries to initiate with Lightning Rush. Note that his other spells outrange yours, so stay behind your minions. Report
Zhonya's is a core item for a dangerous Kennen initiation. As soon as Kennen pops his Maelstrom, he'll try to walk into the middle of your team and go into stasis while the rest of his team follows up on the stuns. Try to prevent him from initiating. Report
Kennen will lose every trade in autoattack range. This will turn into a farm lane which Vlad will win. Use minions to block Shuriken. Report
kennen is electric type, so ground types like malphite will counter him hard Report
Watch his Shuriken. when it got lightning on it. his next basic atk will do bonus damage and apply`s a mark.this way he can stun you with out the need to go in close.(Q+W+AA/W=stun) Report


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