How to beat Katarina with Yasuo Click here for How to beat Yasuo with Katarina
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Be sure you have the third Q ready, then if katarina ult's you can cancel it with Steel Temperest (Tornado) Report
Use your Windwall to block her ultimate : you must keep it and be very reactive. Report
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before level 6, try to keep your distance from your minnions and poke her with sweeping blade and steel tempest, after level 6, when she engages you with her ultimate, you have to put your windwall in front of you and use E to move through her & windw Report
Ideally you'd Wind Wall after she has Shunpo'd over to ult you. But if this is the case, Wind Wall, then try and dash or move through the wall and her daggers will still be blocked. Report
When you have ur tornado, move towards her. She will try to dodge it by doing E on you, so you have to try throwing the tornado BEHIND You to get her on airborne. Then ultimate and she's dead with some Qs.(Needs a lot of practice. 250 games for me) Report
When she all ins you and ults, e away and wind wall, as her knives from ultimate count as projectiles and will be blocked, saving you from a lot of damage. Report


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