How to beat Katarina
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Dont try to fight her while you are both low as she will just burst you down Report
dont jump into a 1v1 with less than 50% health you will lose 99% of the time the 1% is if you land a stun or cc and get out as fast as you can Report
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Two items that will save you from Katarina are Banshees and GA. Banshees can deny DFG, and GA can deny resets. Report
Build Zhonyas and just cc her as soon as she ults, if she goes in with no team kill her and push mid or get dra/baron Report
i will make this short and simple dont follow her into the jungle, dont 1v1 with less than 50% health, build a zhonyas when kat pops her R use it, dont let her poke you with her q to much, try to look agressive but play passively, land cc when she ults u Report
Try to dodge her Q if she uses it on minions, that way she will do less damage with her combo. Report
Slow her. If you slow her she can't get a good E off and often times Kat fails to jump to a important target due to slow movement speed. Report
Wait for katarina to use her shunpo before counter attacking. Report
build magic resist , when playing renekton do your stun when kata is in ult than you stop her ult Report
i played a katarina vs katarina match last night the key to winning that fight is to be the first to jump into battle and do the basic qewr combo if you have more items also build a zhonyas if your in trouble use it IF NEEDED playing against kat is easy Report


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