How to beat Katarina with Akali Click here for How to beat Akali with Katarina
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Akali can win by outsustaining Kat with Spell Vamp or by baiting an ult and leaping away to a minion. If this does not happen, Kat will naturally win with superior harass and waveclear. Report
You will be easy poked until level 6. At level 6 yo just destroy Katarina with your burst Q+R+E then get away. Always try to get "ulted" by her away from the minions so you can R on a minion and wait until her ult ends and then kill her if it's possibl Report
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Not a counter, Kata wins only levels 2 to 6 you should play safe here. Akali does more damage lvl 1, and 6+ with 3 ult stacks. Dash on a minion to avoid kata ult. She will roam, follow her. Outscales her hard lategame. Report


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