How to beat Karthus
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Most Karthus players build an absolute ton of AP. With that in mind and Karthus' complete lack of moblity, he is easy to hit and easy to burst with Veigar's combo Report
Ward-jumping is an amazing way to avoid being caught out by Karthus' W. Placing a ward in lane allows you to Shunpo either way to escape or close in for the kill. Report
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Bully with Q-AA early game. Use your E to slow him and W to knock him back towards you as he tries to run back to turret cover. Report
Karthus has no escapes and depends on Lay Waste to last-hit. Any champions with long-range spells or autoattacks can zone Karthus provided that they synergize last-hitting with poking. Report
If Karthus starts to harass you with his mines, wait 1 second after he planted a mine, then throw your slow. The common Karthus will use the next defile as soon as it comes off cooldown, and therefore be unable to dodge your stun. Report
When he uses ult just use or W(pool) and his ult wont deal any dmg to you Report
Never jump on him before the first back. You need your Shunpo to escape his w, otherwise a good karthus can easily kill you at this stage. Report
STAY AWAY from Karthus' line of vision when he dies, for he does not take any damage and does not use any mana so he can spam q until you die Report
Harass Karthus with your soldiers, but stay out of his range. Report
Karthus will have to split his priorities between Mana, damaging you, and damaging your turrets therefore try to take advantage of this in lane Report


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