How to beat Karthus
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Ult in, burst, ult out. Repeat until dead. Report
Karthus has no cc to counter kats ulti also when you kill him you can jump right out of his passive, when katarina gets items karthus can lane against her. Report
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As Fizz you are mobile enough to dodge his Q, mostly because you don't have any unit collusion due to Fizz's passive. When Karthus is using his Ultimate, use you E just before the Requiem is finished. Expect Karthus to run Exhaust to compensate. Report
If you can't dodge his lay waste, stay close to your minions to minimize the damage. Report
Karthus will likely spam his Q, start boots and don't stop moving. He has no escape so play safe pre 6, after that he is a free kill. When you kill him, you can dash on a minion to get out of range of his passive. Zhonya totally counters his ultimate. Report
Shielding and Zone control. Lux can innately shield some of Karthus' aoe damage away. She can also attempt to snipe Karthus pre/during fight and have him die a safe distance away from you and your long range. Report
You can dodge Karthus' ultimate with your troll pole, just make sure not to reactivate it so you stay on the pole for the max amount of time to avoid misstiming it. Report
You can interrupt Karthus's ultimate, Requiem, if you kill him during the casting. This only applies to a Karthus that is alive. Report
I Play a lot karthus, and i don't think kata is a real Counter to him. Before the first back, he massively out damages her and has high kill pressure on you. Play careful the first minutes, and with a few items You rek him. Report
Your range is far superior than his. Take advantage of it to poke Karthus down with either Q or W and repeat the process. If he's on low HP, preform your ult and he's dead. Report


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