How to beat Karthus
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Buying a hexdrinker or a Banshee's Veil will greatly increase your chance to survive Requiem. Report
Step away from his corpse when he dies, as his defile will do massive damage to you if you stand in it. Report
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If you see that he has low mana, just ignore him and don't kill him. This will deny him from casting any spells using his passive. Report
Well timed Zhonya's Hourglass can save you from Karthus's Requiem Report
Unless you are laning against Froggen there is nothing this guy can do to you. From level 2 and onwards you will be chunking his health with QW harass with ease suffering little if any retaliation. Report
Your ulti is global and heals all your teammates, while Karthus damages all of them. Luckily, yours is a shorter cooldown so it's possible to always have it up! Karthus will eventually do more damage than you can heal, but it's still very useful. Report
Karthus likes to run Exhaust so make sure you are prepared for such an event, dashing directly onto him post-6 can cause him to panic and use it on you even if you don't do anything. Report
Staying near your minions during fights will vastly reduce Karthus' damage as his skittles deal half damage if they hit more than 1 target. Report
When ulting around Karthus in a duel, try to stay outside of his Defile aura as your abilities will all still be in range on the outside of it. Report
Don't be afraid to try 100-0 Karthus as he is soft and immobile. Don't try do a 100-0 burst attempt but rather an extended duel to make sure you kill him making use of staggered ult charges and autoattacks. Report
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